InfoLink: Worst single traffic accidents

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Compiled by Ron Larson

October 11, 2002: (10 deaths) A pileup on foggy Interstate 43 kills 10 people and injures three dozen, seven critically, one seriously. Up to 45 vehicles are involved in the accident.

May 30, 1937: (9 deaths) Nine people are killed in an accident in Manitowoc County when a family headed to Door County for a Memorial Day vacation collides with a car carrying three local men. Only a small child survives the crash.

March 26, 2002: (8 deaths) A retirement home bus carrying 21 people crashes nearly head-on with a van in Dodge County. Five people, including both drivers, die the day of the crash, a sixth dies two days later from injuries sustained in the accident and the seventh over two months later. The eighth person dies in September from injuries sustained in the accident.

February 12, 1997: (8 deaths) A rented van, carrying nine men going on an annual one-day ice-fishing trip, collides with a semi-truck on Highway 41 near Slinger. Seven men are killed the day of the accident while an eighth man dies over a week later.

1940: two accidents with eight people killed in each.

March 25, 1999: (7 deaths) A van carrying 14 young people selling magazine subscriptions door to door overturns on Interstate 90 near Janesville, killing seven passengers and injuring the others.

July 10, 1982: (7 deaths) A car carrying nine people – members of two Chicago families and a neighbor – collides with a semitruck about 35 miles northwest of Milwaukee, killing seven of the car’s occupants.

August 9, 1980: (7 deaths) Two cars collide on Highway G in Dodge County about three miles northwest of Beaver Dam, killing seven people.

September 5, 1965: (7 deaths) Seven youths are killed in a two-car crash at the intersection of highways 73 and PQ in the Dane County town of Christiana.

July 2, 1960: (7 deaths) A horse trailer breaks loose from a car on Wisconsin 23 north of Spring Green and hits another car, killing seven people.

November 8, 1994: (6 deaths) Metal debris on Interstate 94 in Milwaukee is struck by a minivan, puncturing its fuel tank and causing a fire, killing six children passengers, all siblings. Five children die at the scene. A sixth child dies the next day.

September 12, 1986: (6 deaths) A car hits a grain hopper on a Burlington Northern train at a Superior crossing that was not marked by flashing red lights, killing six people, five of whom were teens.

December 21, 1984: (6 deaths) A head-on collision between two cars on an icy Highway 29 west of Green Bay results in the deaths of six people.

April 13, 1984: (6 deaths) Two cars collide head-on, killing all six occupants in an accident on Highway 80, about 9 miles north of Platteville. The driver of one of the cars was legally intoxicated and was driving an estimated 120 mph on the wrong side of the road.

August 28, 1977: (6 deaths) The driver of the car along with her five passengers are killed in a two-car head-on collision in Dunn County on Highway 85, 10 miles west of Eau Claire.

August 22, 1976: (6 deaths) Two cars collide head-on and burst into flames on U.S. 8 near Balsam Lake in Polk County killing six people.

1973: (6 deaths) Six people are killed in a three-car crash on highways 18 and 35 in Prairie du Chien.