School choice advocates hope to build on gains

Beginning this fall, taxpayer money will help children move from public to private schools in Racine. But according to a nonpartisan group, expanding vouchers to Racine will add nearly $3 million to the state’s costs over the next two school years. Part three of three in a series.

School choice big winner in state

Dozens of Wisconsin political players have received millions of dollars from individuals and interest groups committed to promoting alternatives to public schools. Part two of three in a series.

The selling of school choice

A vast and interconnected array of school choice proponents — including the Walton family, heirs to the Walmart fortune — is changing the face of education in Wisconsin. Part one of three in a series.

Are choice schools better?

School choice proponents argue that private vouchers give students in troubled school districts the opportunity for a better education. But the numbers don’t always back them up.