President Joe Biden, Gov. Tony Evers tout COVID-19 relief plans — 2/17/21

Today we highlight stories about President Joe Biden’s town hall event in Milwaukee Tuesday night aimed at bolstering support for his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, which includes $1,400 checks for adults and up to $3,500 per child for families. The measures, while popular with the public, are facing strong opposition from Republicans in Congress.

Evers immediately reinstates mask mandate after Republican lawmakers’ repeal — 2/4/21

Republican lawmakers approved a resolution Thursday to end Gov. Tony Evers’ public health emergency declaration and the mask mandate attached to it — lifting Wisconsin’s last statewide protection against COVID-19.

But within an hour, Evers announced a fresh declaration and mask requirement, the latest in a tug-of-war with Republicans who argue the Democrat is overstepping his authority by continuing to renew the declarations.