What Wisconsin could learn from other states distributing the COVID-19 vaccination — 1/14/21

A roundup of top news and information about Wisconsin’s response to the coronavirus

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Today we highlight a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story about the patchwork of COVID-19 vaccination plans across the 50 states — and how Wisconsin’s effort fits in. 

“Some, such as Florida, rejected federal prioritization guidelines and moved older people to the front of the line along with essential workers,” John Fauber and Daphne Chen report. “Others like Wisconsin have taken a slower, piecemeal approach, sticking to easily identifiable groups, such as health care workers and long-term care residents, fearing that supply will outstrip demand if the gates are opened too wide.” 

About 2.4% of Wisconsin residents have received a vaccine dose, fewer than most of its Midwest neighbors, Fauber and Chen report.

“In addition, the data shows Wisconsin has used up less than a third of the doses that have been shipped, slightly below the national average and much less than states like North Dakota and Connecticut.”

Top Stories

John Hart / Wisconsin State Journal

The city of Madison is seeking information on the impact of COVID-19 on commercial properties, such as the Hilton Monona Terrace, 15 E. Wilson St., to help set fair property values for 2021.

Every state has a different COVID-19 vaccine plan. Here’s what seems to be working, and what Wisconsin could learn. — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Some Wisconsin hospitals are offering vaccines to staff who don’t take care of patients — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Middleton rep says remote participation in committee hearing was denied by GOP — Wisconsin State Journal 

Pharmacist accused of spoiling vaccine has license suspended — Associated Press 

Study finds rural residents may be more hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine — TMJ4 News 

Like an ‘act of God,’ COVID-19 pandemic may impact new commercial property values — Wisconsin State Journal 

Why 2021 continues to be a challenge for two of Milwaukee’s iconic schools — TMJ4 News

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“When you’re lying in a hospital bed gasping for breath and praying you’ll live through the night, the last thing on your mind is whether President Trump took the pandemic seriously enough. The virus doesn’t care whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It kills indiscriminately.”

Gary D’Amato, writing for Wisconsin Golf, about his recovery from a severe COVID-19 infection

Data to note

WisContext offers these visualizations of Wisconsin COVID-19 infections, deaths and hospitalizations. 

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Thursday reported a seven-day average of 30 new daily COVID-19 deaths. The state’s full COVID-19 death toll is 5,290 — with 421 of those deaths since Jan. 1.  

Public health officials continue to urge Wisconsinites to wear masks and practice physical distancing until vaccinations are more widely distributed.

Calculate your exposure risk

In Wisconsin, even small gatherings can carry a big risk of exposure to the coronavirus, according to a nationwide tool that estimates the danger by the size of gathering and county in which it is held. Data scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford University developed the tool, which you can find here.

Resilient Wisconsin

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Local Kenosha bakery receives outpouring of support from Kenosha residents — TMJ4 News 

Shaky grounds: Slowed by COVID, Madison coffee shops look for new revenue streams — Cap Times

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