Search for a ballot drop box in your community using this tool

With Election Day just days away, voters are being urged to deposit their absentee ballots in one of the over 500 secure drop boxes across the state. Ballots deposited in these boxes go directly to election officials without risk of delay.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that only ballots received by Election Day, Nov. 3, will be counted. The Wisconsin Elections Commission lists several reasons why voters might choose to vote using a drop box, including, “lack of trust in the postal process, fear that their ballot could be tampered with, or concern that their information will be exposed.” 

Most municipalities require ballots be deposited by Nov. 3, but some have earlier deadlines or specific restrictions. Search for a drop box in your community here:

If voters miss the deadline to deposit their ballot in a particular drop box, clerks are advised to display instructions on alternate ways they can submit their ballots.

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