A ‘buffet of bad options’ for Wisconsin’s working parents as online schooling resumes during pandemic — 8/17/20

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Today we highlight the Wisconsin State Journal’s coverage of the “buffet of bad options” Wisconsin’s working parents face during the pandemic as many schools prepare to resume classes virtually.

“Sacrifice earnings and career advancement to stay home. Hire a nanny, if you can afford it. Lean on elderly relatives. Enroll kids in private schools or expensive day care programs and risk exposing them or others to the disease,” reporter Chris Hubbuch writes. 

Meanwhile, online schooling during a childcare crisis “could harm women’s careers, widen the gender pay gap and reduce the number of women serving in business leadership roles,” Shelley K. Mesch reports in a separate story.

Top Stories

Amber Arnold / Wisconsin State Journal

Nadia Spencer feeds her 15-month-old daughter, Silvyana, as they prepare for a trip to the park with son Aidan, 7. Spencer, who was furloughed in March, doesn’t know when she will return to work or how she will help Aidan with his online schoolwork. “I’m very confused,” Spencer said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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Wisconsin jobless benefits began with $15 checkBeloit Daily News

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“The one way to help parents most is to get the virus under control … The countries that have done that have been able to open schools. There could be things like sending a check to parents to use on tutors or day care or whatever is needed, but Congress hasn’t shown much of an appetite for that. So it really just leaves parents on their own.”

Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times

Data to note

Here are the latest visualizations of COVID-19 cases and deaths from our partners at WisContext.

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