The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

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Enacted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002, the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People requires:

  • Outreach to victims and their families, which can include counseling, spiritual assistance, support groups and social services;
  • Prompt response to allegations of abuse, readily available reporting procedures and a review board of majority lay people to advise on assessing allegations of abuse;
  • No confidentiality agreement in settlements unless requested by the victim/survivor;
  • Mandatory reporting of abuse of minors to law enforcement;
  • Removal from the ministry of priests found guilty of sexually abusing a child;
  • Openness and transparency with the public about sexual abuse of children, especially in communities that are directly affected;
  • Creation and maintenance of “safe environment” programs and clear standards for interactions with minors;
  • Criminal background checks for priests and deacons and other employees in contact with minors;
  • Cooperation with organizations conducting research on the sexual abuse of minors.

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Here are the “safe environment” contacts for Wisconsin’s five Catholic dioceses for individuals who have been abused by clergy within that diocese. 

Green Bay
Justine Lodl, 920-272-8213, 

La Crosse
Teresa Brown, 608-791-2679

Anna Delaney, 608-821-3133,, Cheryl Splinter, 608-821-3162 

Jessica Brandt, 414-758-2232 

Kathy Drinkwine, 715-394-0216,, Shayla French, 715-394-0225

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