WisconsinWeekly: Kohler golf course blocked — for now

Golf course halted; offenders sue over GPS monitoring; $$ pledged to reduce pretrial jail time

Of note: An administrative law judge has blocked a golf course near Lake Michigan that would fill in rare wetlands. The judge found the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources lacked sufficient information to ensure that the 247-acre project would not cause lasting environmental damage to the site adjacent to Kohler-Andrae State Park. The findings echo warnings from retired long-time DNR employees reported earlier by the Center and Wisconsin Public Radio.  

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Judge rules against DNR wetland permit for Kohler golf course on rare wetlands, state park

Wisconsin Public Radio — March 18, 2019

The Kohler Co.’s plan to build a golf course on land containing rare wetlands has been blocked by an administrative law judge. Previously from WCIJ: Former DNR employee: Staff pressured to OK Kohler golf course on rare Wisconsin wetlands and state park

Federal lawsuit against state DOC alleges due process, civil rights violations in lifetime GPS monitoring

Madison365 — March 19, 2019

A Chicago law firm has filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections alleging civil rights violations concerning the use of GPS monitoring for sex offenders —- many of whom have completed their sentences and are not on any form of probation, parole or supervised release. Previously from WCIJ: Wisconsin doubles GPS monitoring despite five years of malfunctions, unnecessary jailings

Arnold Ventures pledges $39M to reform ‘broken’ pretrial system

The Crime Report — March 19, 2019

More than 30 research and advocacy organizations around the country will participate in a National Partnership for Pretrial Justice aimed at developing alternatives to money bail and pretrial detention, Arnold Ventures announced Tuesday. Previously from WCIJ. Poor stay in jail while rich go free: Rethinking cash bail in Wisconsin

Tony Evers, Republicans both looking to get factory farms to pay for cleaner water

Wisconsin State Journal — March 17, 2019

If Republicans support Gov. Tony Evers’ plan, it may signal a shift in awareness about pollution after years of environmental deregulation. Previously from WCIJ and WPR: Most nitrate, coliform in Kewaunee County wells tied to animal waste

Residents seek answers about health risks near frac sand mines

IowaWatch.org — March 21, 2019

Public health researchers disagree on the impact fine silica dust has on the long-term health of residents living near silica sand mining communities like the tiny Mississippi River town of Clayton and in southwest Wisconsin. Read WCIJ’s previous stories on Wisconsin’s frac sand industry.

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