WisconsinWeekly: Nitrate pollutes central Wisconsin drinking water

Residents’ drinking water tainted

Of note: Tests show high levels of nitrate in the water of some Juneau and Wood county residents. Local farmers are providing bottled water and reverse osmosis treatment systems to reduce nitrate levels. But for lifelong Armenia area resident Ken Winters, reverse osmosis treatment would be ineffective because the concentration of nitrate in his water is too high. Tainted drinking water has become a major public health and political issue in Wisconsin, as we reported in our Failure at the Faucet series.

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In depth: Wisconsinites fight for quality water

Juneau County Star-Times — February 6, 2019

Having clean water is not something people can always take for granted. In the northern Juneau County town of Armenia, residents worry about one contaminant in particular: nitrate. Of the 104 wells recently surveyed in the Armenia and Port Edwards area, more than 40 percent contained nitrate levels exceeding the federal safety standard. Earlier from WCIJ: Nitrate in water widespread; current rules no match for it

Gov. Tony Evers wants more money for K-12 education. Research backs many of his ideas.

Post-Crescent Media — February 1, 2019

During his first State of the State speech last week, Gov. Tony Evers announced several education priorities he’d like to address in the next state budget. An analysis of those ideas — stronger early childhood programs, dollars for classrooms, efforts to close black-white achievement gaps — are underpinned by independent evaluations.

Wisconsin gave Foxconn a rich subsidy package. Did we overpay? Some experts say we did.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — February 2, 2019

Reports that Foxconn might suspend or scale back its plans for Wisconsin reignited an old debate over the effectiveness of taxpayer subsidies

Johnson Controls unit Tyco knew since 2013 it was polluting wells. It took 4 years to notify neighbors

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — February 4, 2019

A Marinette manufacturer of firefighting foam knew it was polluting groundwater at least four years before the company began providing bottled water to residents and was ordered by state officials to investigate the extent of the contamination.

Identical winning numbers crop up in hundreds of U.S. lotteries. Are the drawings really random?

Des Moines Register — February 1, 2019

The same strings of winning lottery numbers have been called in short periods of time in dozens of the same games across the United States, sometimes in consecutive drawings, a Des Moines Register investigation shows. Previously from WCIJ: Some people repeatedly win the Wisconsin Lottery. Do they play fair?

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