2 thoughts on “Two companies fail after getting $1.4 million from Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs agency

  1. The same people who bring up Solyndra every time President Obama mentions the economy will give Governor Walker a pass on this despite the fact that he was directly involved as Chairman of the Committee while the Solyndra loan was secured before President Obama was elected

  2. Beginning in 2010 when SKW rejected 810 Million to develop high speed rail service in Wisconsin, the company Talgo which was to make rolling stock for the rail service lost 80 workers and the state of Wisconsin itself defaulted on a contract with Talgo. This was the beginning of SKW’s attempt to appear ultra right wing by refusing Federal dollars. Then 2 months later, SKW asks the Department of Transportation to fund 500 million for rail service from Chicago to Milwaukee. That request was refused since SKW had previously refused the 810 million dollar offer. Where did the 810 Million dollars go and the thousands of jobs that would have gone along with it? To other states to develop high speed rail. Other states win, Wisconsin loses. Why refuse funding for high speed rail? SKW said he did not wish to burden Wisconsin with the future burden of maintaining such rail. By 2011 SKW had received 1.5 million dollars in campaign contributions from those opposed to develop wind energy in Wisconsin resulted in the end of 5 companies poised to do business in Wisconsin without cost to the state. Why would SKW quash the development of this industry in Wisconsin? Then SKW mainstreams legislative language that would open open pit mining in northern Wisconsin jeopardizing water quality and creating a few jobs. Why would SKW mainstream mining regulation to business that would clearly destroy the largest fresh water estuary in the United States? The reader would have to have a chronological list of the mischief that SKW has wrought to put himself in the limelight to appear as a RWNJ POTUS candidate. He has played every card. His $1.00 Kohls sweater, son of a preacher man, brown bag lunch ploy, Eagle Scout ploy, shotgun shooting ploy, crack down while vilifying public unions and dividing it’s citizens, major cuts to public school education, clear pay to play defaulted loans, a last minute failed attempt to destroy open records laws, This list goes on and on and on. This is a weekly serial about how to destroy a state. This is not the man to be POTUS.