8 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s office ‘obstructed’ probe of missing veterans funds, investigators allege

  1. This is information that Walker supporters need to know. They seem to think Walker is “honest” but he has shown over and over again that he is anything but honest. Walker even lies about his bald spot.

  2. Walker could come clean but instead chooses to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy lawyers to hide the truth. You don’t really think the consummate politician/micromanager was in the dark about this stuff, do you?

  3. Spin it, throw it at the wall, anything you can think of to make this stink stick. If there was ANYTHING that they could have charged Governor Walker with they would have charged him. “Walker’s former deputy chief of staff, Kelly Rindfleisch, were convicted on a variety of other charges.” . A felony conviction for sending campaign emails on her breaks, thats the big news, this is the trophy you hang on your wall. Weak just plain weak.

  4. This article reminds me of a fast food hamburger. The disappointment that comes inside the wrapper doesn’t even come close to matching the build up from picture on the drive through.
    This is a non story. Thanks for wasting ten minutes of my life.

  5. So in Wisconsin, if your football team loses a couple big games in a row, do you keep going to court to try to get the score overturned? And appeal when the court doesn’t? And file another suit when you lose that appeal? And appeal when that suit is thrown out? You lost, get over it. If you want to win, put together a better team.

  6. A bunch of B.S. It was a member of Scott W.staff that caught the theft and it was Tom N is Chief of Staff that asked for an investigation into the missing funds.