7 thoughts on “Wisconsin DNR mulls dissolving science bureau

  1. The GOP fact avoidance machine hard at work. Their views are not backed up by science so option #1 is get rid of science

  2. The DNR “science” was always just a purchased spin to rationalize the agency’s killing business. When an agency is funded majorly by special interest money ( killing licenses instead of general public funds ) and the UN-Natural “Resources” Board is legislatively mandated to hunter/trapper/hounder control by majority, and the Conservation Congress hunting lobby is the sole advisory to the legislature – there is no real science to lose.

    With scientists warning us that the web of life entirely is at tipping points endangering even human extinction – the arrogance of man and the cruelty that goes with it – is unlikely to be reversed. We are headed for a great awakening – too late: http://www.mysterium.com/extinction.html

    Tiffany is a disaster of wildlife hatred and abuse. With 52% of all wildlife across the planet destroyed in 40 years – and Wisconsin working hard to rape out the woods recruiting new killers for $5 licenses to trap all one can bludgeon to death in 6-7 months for the Chinese and Russian bottomless markets – market trapping – 1145 wolves killed in three years – dogs run on endangered species, and coyotes year-round so all wildlife terrorized – our state is a dead and ignorant state.

    As one U.S. citizen commented on a petition against the newest proposals to kill sand hill cranes and our 75 rare white deer – “Who cares about Wisconsin? – it is a lost state with Walker in control.” Many say they avoid this state like the plague.

    But the DNR was never an agency that met its mandate to protect the natural world and wildlife for all citizens – never. And George Meyers has karma credit for much of that unintelligent design. He is no scientist – just a killing obsessed warmonger/lawyer busy destroying the wild life of this state that was our life support system. CWD in 25% of the 2-year old bucks. Empty woods now filled with mice and lyme disease…more viruses to come.

    And the statewide DNR election and vote coming up that has never been recognized by the non-hunting public as the “most important election in the state” because it suits the DNR to keep it hidden and misunderstood to serve their killing clientele their thrill kills without public input from anyone humane.

  3. WI DNR has been one of the most highly respected state agencies for most of my lifetime. The current leadership has done more to smudge and malign that fine reputation in just over 4 years, and they are not done yet. I pity the proud dedicated professional resource management staff that are still there. DNR is increasingly unable to provide the wise stewardship of our precious natural resources because of the ham-handed gang in charge now. Removing scientists and science from the equation will expedite the further decline.

  4. Way to go Scotty……set conservation back a hundred years. You are the type of politician no one needs!