3 thoughts on “Gov. Scott Walker’s budget would shake up long-term care programs; disabilities advocates concerned

  1. there is no way an insurance company will care about my sons needs ! even under private insurance its struggle for them to pay things without denying them first….insurance companies should not get the money that should be going to the elderly and disabled…point blank !

  2. I am a strong supporter of Governor Walker, however he is wrong on this one. He may not understand it, so families need to hit him and their state representatives hard.

  3. It isn’t right for Walker to take away funds for the elderly, the disabled and the needy-Those people need that money and care services than Walker and his vultures hoarding the money for pointless reasons. The elderly and the disabled need more help than anyone-They need support, they need care, they need special needs-I’m not one for politics, but I am putting my foot down to help my disabled brethren out there along with the elderly. I myself have a disability-ADHD though its a mental disability-its still a disability through and through-diagnosed with it since I was in kindergarden and growing up I was treated different from others. I got support from speech program to special need when it came to tests and more time. I get help from DVR and an organization that helps people with disabilities.

    What Walker is doing isn’t right for those who need help with home care, special needs, etc. He should leave the needy, elderly and disabled alone-DON’T CUT support and care! What needs to be CUT is the greedy mayor and his evil plans! HE SHOULD THINK OF THE PEOPLE THAN THE WALLETS! FOR WE have rights! FREEDOM of speech! AND A FREEDOM OF INDEPENDENCE for everyone! The People before GREED! Down with budget cuts and up with helping those in need!