3 thoughts on “Treatment eludes many drunken driving offenders

  1. I am sure my 19 year old sister inlaw, and my 16 year old daughter would like to have had the chance to have begged for their lives. They and we will not get a second chance let alone a 7, 8, 9… I am still waiting for my daughters killer to apologize. Although I have recieved death threats.

  2. My 19 year year old sister inlaw and 16 year old daughter would love to have a second chance let allone a7, 8, 9… I am sure they would like to have one chance to beg for their lives. I am still waiting for an apology from my daughters killer, although I have had a death threat or two. When we refused to drop some of the charges it got ugly.

  3. Not offered treatment… At county and state jails there are a large number of AA meetings. As a former corrections volunteer I can attest that help is available to those that want it. AA has a mail outreach and visitor programs for locations w/o meetings. What is not available (and would not help if it were) is some magic bullet /shot or repair procedure that absolves one of thier obligation to take the resources available and use them to grow and change. Lest this seem harsh I and 8 or 9 friends I can think of off hand have 30+ years of sobriety w/o formal treatment.