2 thoughts on “Environmental groups ask EPA to study drinking water pollution from Kewaunee County dairies

  1. One question I have is why petition the U.S. EPA to if the dairy farms are contaminating the groundwater when this should be an issue for the Wisconsin Department of environmental protection?

  2. I sure was hoping the EPA or the WDNR would of helped me when barrels of concrete sealer were buried in the ground and contaminated my water,and air infiltration into my home and woodworking business.The EPA and WDNR did absolutely nothing for me.A lot of my neighbors took ill,got cancer,and some died.I myself got heavy metal toxic for many years from 1992 until 2012.It just about killed me,and I am still feeling not so good after moving out for the last 3 years.This was in the Tripoli are hwy.8 and McCord Rd.The land was used by a construction co. as a highway batch plant for concrete,etc. in the mid to late 80’s.With all the doctor bills ill health over the years I lost around $480,000 if not more.If my health does not turn for the better I will be homeless in several years.Too bad I couldn’t have some compensation for what has happened.A man or several men making the decision to bury and contaminate this land has made life miserable for some and they have brought people to their graves sooner than expected.