9 thoughts on “University of Wisconsin monkey research sparks opposition

  1. Why doesn’t UW-Madison understand that the people do not want this horrific experiment to commence. It will prove nothing, it is soley for profit and as a survivor of child abuse I can tell you that this does not and will not help. You want to help, then do something about the acceptance of abuse as a family matter. Stop the abuse on children and stop the abuse on animals. We, the survivors, do NOT condone this, it just takes us back to a place that we have fought hard to escape from. Kalin is the abuser in this situation. He must be stopped.

    • Hi, I read your comments and you are so right! Am hoping against hope that this inhumane torture will not go forward. We must not give up. What is wrong with the researchers??? Abuse propagates abuse, what else do we need to know. This is psychopathic behavior at its worst. Who gave us the right to torture others? For any reason, UNACCEPTABLE

  2. Do not be sorry for the 295,000+ of us who have signed the petition. We had the wisdom to see through UW’s charade. Instead, feel sorry for the 40 baby monkeys who will be killed in this unethical “research” for naught at taxpayer expense. In UW’s hands, their birth is a certain a death sentence.

  3. Actually, I read the available protocol submitted by Kalin after learning of the petition, and it does not misrepresent the experiment at all. The truth is that this is just a pretty vile protocol – no wonder they wanted to keep it secret! And people from all over the world are shocked and appalled by the apparent lack of transparency and moral accountability at UW-Madison.

  4. Please sign the change.org petition to make a difference. I urge anyone who cares enough to want to stop animal cruelty to read this excellent discussion on why Kalin’s well funded experiments on baby monkeys won’t produce any meaningful information:


    “Kalin claims that a human child who is abused and a traumatized infant monkey have similar brain chemistry as a result of their different experiences. I doubt that he believes his own claims. He must chuckle to himself over that absurdity and the willingness of others to look like fools or ignoramuses by defending it. Although he nominally claims to be looking for some new molecular pathway that might be modified in some unknown way by some future drug that will cure or vaccinate children from the occasional bad effects of poor, or neglectful, or abusive parenting, I suspect that he is actually hoping only to find yet another patentable molecular pathway that he can add to his and university’s portfolio of similar patents. It really is all about money. His decades of hurting, frightening, and killing young monkeys has never resulted in anything of benefit to human patients. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. It won’t this time either.”

  5. I find this research to be inhumane, bad science, an evil attempt by unseen companies to make profit off of suffering, and have the taxpayers pay for it!

  6. I am disheartened and outraged by this. There have to be ethical boundaries we do not cross. Shame on you, UW Madison. The public outrage around this pathetic experiment should be in indicator to you that taxpayers do not want their money spent this way. Step up and do the right thing and stop this incredibly inhumane treatment of another species. This is horrific and there are other ways to conduct research that do not require savage treatment of another species. Blatantly disregarding a worldwide outcry and objection to this is appalling. Step up and stop this!

  7. this is disgusting and people need to know about this and needs to stop asap!
    this is showing that people can do w.e they want and its not ok to do something like this so harmful!