6 thoughts on “Undercover students used in drug busts at some University of Wisconsin campuses

  1. Good report, don’t feel sorry for anyone who chooses to sell drugs and then has to face the consequences of their actions, to bad and so sad.

  2. Don’t cop have better things to do?

    Aren’t there robberies and assaults they could be investigating?

  3. It will be wonderful when Wisconsin finally embraces the thought to make marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. So many will benefit from its natural properties of science-proven healing.

    I am one that really doesn’t see the good in bribes as the military or armed forces do. It is a dark side. And children are taught to trust these people that use these wrong methods that, as children themselves; were taught not to do by their parents.

    There are some fantastic statements in this article that I agree with:

    “Do we really want to convict them (students) of crimes and kick them out of school? They’re good kids. They have good GPAs and they’re good athletes,” Coad says. “Is that the way that we want to treat students who otherwise are on their way to becoming productive members of society?”

    Richards agrees.

    “If law enforcement wants to help people avoid consequences, if they want to help them … then give them drug treatment, give them a public health choice if they really want to help them,” Richards says.

    “Because the problem with turning people into informers is that you’re teaching people to betray their friends. You’re teaching people to turn in their friends, the people that they know, the people that they care about.”

  4. I thing it is awful that they use students this way. I have a son that’s yetting ready to enter college. I always talk to him and try to encourage him not to get involved with drugs in any way. I pray he continues to avoid them. However now I have another reason to tell him why he better stay away from them. The reason being there are some invading cops that will make him become an informant by threatening him with an extensive jail term and lost of financial aid. I will tell him if he gets involved with drugs and is given the choice of becoming an informant or going to jail he better choose jail. We will deal with that. I would rather have him alive and safe than always looking over his shoulder or DEAD!

  5. If this is what the police are doing with the outrageously high weekly gouges my poor, poor paycheck is forced to endure, I think it’s about time we cut their funding, downsize their departments, and lay a few of them off. We clearly don’t need this kind of policing to ensure our communities stay safe. On the contrary, all they seem to be able to do is victimize our kids and ruin their futures.

  6. Why would the cops bother investigating crime when they can just blackmail a scared 19 year old into doing it for them?