5 thoughts on “Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin slows updates of building and safety codes

  1. Many of those in this article such as Joe Hertel, Monte Ewing and Dupont were in Safety and Buildings under Mary Burke and Doyle, Thompson and McCallum and failed to get the department moving. A bill passed under Doyle & Burke in 2009 never had the administrative rules written by the likes of Hetrtel and his crew under Burke. Those listed in this article jumped ship when Walker took office (they may not have had their oars in the water anyway) The past department under guys mentioned above and led by Mary Burke are as much a part of the problem as anyone now in the department. Your article is biased and you need to investigate this matter more deeply. I for one am not pleased with DSPS IS S&B , Sec. Ross, or the current ways things are going but those who came before did NOT really do all that much to build a group that cared to get things done and keep Wisconsin moving Forward. Both parties are at fault and yes Wisconsin home owners and building owners are getting the short end of of the stick…. and insurance companies care about Codes as well as home owners and contractors. And I want to mention how the likes of Larry S. , Leroy S. and Tom K. didn’t really step up to the plate when it came to Code Adoption…. and kept Wisconsin locked into the home grown UDC when 90% of other States have adopted the IRC. And yes Larry, Leroy, and Tom all left the department for their State paid pension and health care greener pastures when Walker/Ross took over ….. They were bureaucrats status quo extraordinaire who just stayed with the status quo under Thompson, McCallum, Doyle / Burke. I’ve got an original copy of the UDC that went into affect in 1980 and it is so much like the current UDC that it makes me want to…….
    Ya know the WBA was able to convene the latest Dwelling Code Council and did their own thing ignoring the fact that other States (90+%) have adopted the IRC and others on that council didn’t have the balls to move things Forward to the IRC .
    Who is to blame? They all are. Democrats, builders, former Dept of Commerce S&B personnel, current DSPS IS personnel, Building Inspector Associations, the WBA, the HNBA and similar builder associations…. Republicans. building trade unions, and reporters who only write about this stuff during election years…….

  2. Before Safety and Building became part of DSPS, there were regular updates to codes under Commerce. The Administrative Rules Register doesn’t lie. Why did DSPS sit so long on rules for licensing of electricians that was required by law to be done by April 2013? Then they had to do emergency rules when they realized they couldn’t get law repealed and get rid of that pesky regulation. They have been busy convening councils and updates rules for massage therapists and hairdressers, the rules that came with the former Dept. of Reg. and Licensing, ’cause that’s so much more dangerous than bad electrical installs. DSPS is a horrible mess, and Ross is a joke who treats the employees like crap and is always looking for free lunch at any meeting where he has no idea what to say (“Why do we need plumbing regulation? No one’s ever died from bad plumbing!”), other than to drool about Walker.

  3. This is an obvious political hit piece. It is out of place in this type of publication but is typical today. Liberal agenda is the only thing you can count on being promoted in everything from the news media, Hollywood and now what was a technical publication. If all the liberal run states and cities were as successful as Scott Walker’s record this country would be far better off. Your editor(s) should be fired but as usual they will be praised by like minded idiots dragging the country down. A good time to unsubscribe

  4. Most of these code changes do not “INCREASE SAFETY AND SAVE MONEY”. They in fact drive up the cost of new home construction making it near impossible for many to achieve the dream of a new home.
    Seriously do we really need self-testing GFCI outlets? That one just added +$3 to the cost of every basement, bath kitchen and garage outlet. How did we ever get by without them in the past.
    Do we really need to have screens on direct vent gas fireplaces. How did we all get to adult age without these things in place before as we were growing up. These new water heaters that are now required add more cost than the power savings over 10 years. They all add up to the point where it’s become overbearing. One really has to wonder which legislator’s family members pockets have been lined with money because of these new regulations that get voted in….it’s beyond criminal.