4 thoughts on “Mike McCabe’s blistering manifesto

  1. You mention the marijuana bill (AB726). However it has helped not one person. The bill was nothing but a false hope for those families in dire need. Many testified on that premise and legislators ignored the pleas. The CBD for children bill was nothing but a line for a campaign.

  2. I’ve had the good fortune to hear Mike speak. Yes, he offers a humorous and scathing assessment of our current political psychopathy that will satisfy the soul of even the most cynical, and he does it with an optimism that will inspire most. I haven’t read his book as yet, but I will, and I know I will recommend it to anyone who believes, or wants to believe, that there is a way out of this asylum that is currently being controlled by the most dangerous inmates.

  3. McCabe is living in a dream world if he expects any changes.

    When Wisconsin Public Radio staff conspire to keep outsider candidates such as Ron Paul or the Green Party’s candidates off-the-air, AND ADMIT IT, you’re never going to see any changes. When the means of communication are in the hands of supporters of the “two parties ONLY” system, we’re screwed.

  4. I read Mike’s book after hearing his interview on NPR a couple of months ago. I don’t agree with all his points (Net Neutrality was only dealt with on a single aspect, when my opinion is that it needs shaping – dispensing it altogether causes a separate unwanted problem as an example) but I felt in lock-step with him on the vast majority of the points he makes. I am recommending this book to anyone who will listen. If nothing else, in hopes that it sparks thoughtful spirited debate – and HOPEFULLY eventually, momentum. My favorite element of the book is his articulation of how effective both parties are at keeping voters thinking along a horizontal left-to-right political spectrum….because if they were to look vertically, they would find enormous areas of common ground and that threatens the big donors.