4 thoughts on “Bad wells spur Kewaunee County to mull waste-spreading restrictions

  1. Many thanks to Andy Wallander and his LWCD partner Ms. Davina Bonness.
    Andy demonstrated great courage and leadership in this ongoing quest for clean safe water in Kewaunee County and was a outstanding role model for Ms. Bonness who shares the same moral compass and passion.
    We will all miss Andy greatly upon his retirement. We hope he will remain active in the background as a tutor and guide and will continue to share his extensive wisdom earned after so many years of working in a very political environment and yet maintaining his moral compass and “in the trenches” leadership.

    Thank you Andy!


    Dr. Bill Iwen

    Andy, please DO NOT “paddle your kayak into the sunset of retirement” and then forget to come back ! 🙂

  2. Nitrate doesn’t sorb to soil so can’t be filtered out. If not taken up by plants, it moves past the root zone with water into the ground.

  3. Access to clean water is a biological requirement and should be a basic human right in Kewaunee County. We are subsidizing rich business interests at the expense of the general populace. At $24 per hundred weight for class III milk in Sept. 2014, dairy farmers have never made so much money (large or small…) Why is it that we need to keep providing them with welfare benefits to continue to operate in an untenable manner which affects everyone’s future? Here is the current honor roll of recipients on tax payer provided subsidies ~ http://farm.ewg.org/top_recips.php?fips=55061&progcode=totalfarm&regionname=KewauneeCounty,Wisconsin

    Forget the rhetoric we are told for these “easy” hand outs. At $24/hundred weight for Class III milk, each farmer will make an incremental profit of a least $1,000+ per cow in 2014 over 2013. If you have 500 cows, each farmer will make an incremental $500K in gross profits in 2014 over 2013. There is too much incentive to break the law as the fines are not substantive enough to change behavior because the money trail is too rich…

    How much is the community willing to pay to clean up the mess that we are incentivizing through our elected officials? Unfortunately, special interests and money talks… Look at the EWG list above. Who benefits the most from these continued tax payer subsidies?

    The deluge from continued water contamination affects us all… We need real action and accountability at every level. Talk and rhetoric is cheap, direct quantifiable action is what is required to reverse the “brown tide” which fuels the green cladophora… Every time there is a manure spill or another contaminated local well, fingers are pointed. What can we all do to stop these “incidents” from continuing to occur?

  4. Why not pass a moratorium on spreading until such time the practice is shown safe for water and air.