14 thoughts on “Waupun prison guards accused of abusing dozens of inmates

    • And from the workers. After a very short while costs to the government go way up and the wages for the workers go way down!

  1. DO union worker protections and bargained work rules have anything to do with this? I see you interviewed Cunningham of the new breakway union. But WSEU and Marty Beil not mentioned in any of these pieces.

  2. This is much like the incident that happened recently downtown Green Bay, where GB officer beat on an individual. There was a video tape that shows the individual did not resist the officer. We trust our police officers to instill peace, now what happens when we see failure from the bottom to the top. This police office’s investigation showed the officer acted appropriately. There were several other suits filed against this same officer. One thing we this officer showed is that he will mistreat anyone not just minorities and still will still get away with it.
    Hopefully, there are changes to the prison system including outside investigations, cameras uses, guard rotation, better wages for guards and re-institute early release for good time served. Most importantly, we need to revamp our rehabilitation services. I’m glad to hear the women’s prison received some help in this area.

  3. ITS F* ing true that they MISTREAT the PRISONERS!!!
    MY SON is SO DAMNED THIN 140 lbs. at 5’11’!
    THEY ARE STARVING inmates! My son has been in Boscobel
    and is asking for money so that he can buy food! The GUARDS ? They can kiss my royal A**!

    • Yes and for those who follow religious diets, they are NOT in compliance..Make sure you know what you know, and dont trust they are doing it.

  4. Oh well, they deserve what they get, most of them anyway.
    I have a friend that teaches math in waupon and he says usually all but 3 sleep through his classes.
    Have another friend that is a guard there for many many years and he is a great guy.
    Don’t like your punishments, then don’t do crimes to get sent there.

    • I do agree that prisoners are in prison for a reason, more then likely. They act out or are harmful to self or others guards/inmates and they need action taken to prevent this from happening. Guards need proper training to take this action. Guards do not have to beat, threaten, or mistreat the inmates, that is wrong. The inmates need structure and proper discipline not abuse. I pray the truth will be revealed. That lies will be known and stood for either way. I pray the guards will be a a kind person seen to the inmates and a change will happen within. I pray God will allow for justice. I’ll continue to pray for the safety of both guards and prisoners and for God to reveal himself to them. No change can happen until God brings these people to repentance of their sin and faith in Jesus Christ. In Gods name, amen.

    • This is the most ignorant comment I have read in a long time. You should have to spend some time there for saying it. NO ONE deserves to be abused and it only serves to perpetuate the dysfunction of the guards and the prisoners!

      • Why don’t we look at the victims of some of these dirtbags and see how much they are suffering. People commit these crimes because, in part, because they live in a society that paints them to be victims. I would be suprised if these inmates were model inmates who were respectfull to the officers and the CO’s just decided to just attack them. I doubt thats what happened. I would like to know how may people in this forum have actually wore a badge.

    • They also should be able to do there time the courts have sentenced them its not the correctional officers job to punish nobody nor is it they job to put they hands on inmates no matter what they have done

  5. This abuse has to stop it is wrong on so many levels my son had other people including a few guards write down on a piece of paper that they have witness this one particular guard harassment to my son .that guard searched his cell n ripped it up before he had a chance to send it to me.that is proof that he was and still is dead ass wrong of something why else would the guard tear the letter up

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  7. seems to me, the “system” made sure he missed his day in court for the lawsuit….if it was anyone else on the outside, the judge would have moved the date…