4 thoughts on “As rail moves frac sand across Wisconsin landscape, new conflicts emerge

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  2. One aspect to the increased train traffic that has not been discussed nor analyzed is how it will effect tourism along the Mississippi River. Five years ago, I used to commute between LaCrosse and Prairie du Chien daily. I would see one train going south in the a.m. And maybe one in the p.m. Today we took visitors from Canada down to PDC for the view. Well, what they saw was the sides of trains all the way down. Some cars were just sitting there and not moving. There were trains going up and down on the WI side the whole way there.

    We came back on the Iowa side which was a whole lot more scenic and we did not have to holler over the din of the train. It won’t be long before others who travel to the area move their tourism dollars across the river into Iowa and Minnesota.