6 thoughts on “Mary Burke, underdog millionaire

  1. TO have any chance at all, Burke must immediately stop talking in political clichés – “get my message out” makes her sound like the career politician she claims not to be. At the very least, she should lever some MBA lingo that gives her some street cred, talk about bonding for govt finance or something. She doesn’t sound like she really knows about anything. The only thing she has going for her is her party affiliation. That gives her a large base. But she’s doing exactly nothing to win independents. Fine work, as usual, Mr. Bill.

  2. Great column and very revealing of what is in my opinion a very odd campaign. And please don’t take this as snark but did they ask you to sign a non disclosure agreement in order to get them to tell you where to go for the interview? OK, it’s snark towards the candidate, not you.

  3. Bill,

    What is the street address on the square. I phoned the office manager, Lizzie, and she refused to reveal it, citing concern over “disruptive” passersby.

    If you are under no obligation to keep it secret, could you respond with the street address?


    • The column doesn’t make an issue of where Burke’s office is, just that there are no signs. Joe Zepecki of the Burke campaign says there is “no serious reason” the address isn’t publicized, other than that it’s “a place of business” and drop-in traffic could disrupt staff.

      • Campaign refuses to reveal address over phone.

        Not asking about your column (I read it), asking what is the street address of the campaign headquarters of the presumptive nominee of Democratic Party for governor.

        Do you not feel comfortable revealing the address here?