2 thoughts on “Critics decry hunting group clout

  1. In a human-crowded world, there is no longer a place for hunting with dogs. This practice is taking far too many of teh ever-diminishing populations of various predators, mesopredators, and other species, whose traditional land and freedom has been shrunken or completely lost to human influx.
    Knowing Wisconsin and a couple neighboring states well, and now living in less populated areas of the West, I clearly see that this is occurring everywhere, not merely in crowded Wisconsin.

    There are just too many people using motor vehicles and other technology for ecological health, and no matter what the bluster of hunters, no place where wild natural systems remain large enough to sustain the massive gun and trapkilling going on.

    35 or 55 years ago, children did not understand the massive human overgrowth that was coming, and only quiet, nonexploitive recreation should now be occurring, at least until there once again arises space for nature.

  2. I’ve often wondered about the appeal of hunting with dogs. Solo hunting requires skills acquired over time, silence, patience, good aim. I’m not exactly sure what skills are required when the dogs do all the grunt work and expose themselves to all the dangers.