Wisconsin InfoLink April Hot topic: Wisconsin taxes

Ron Larson. Photo: Wisconsin State Journal/John Maniaci

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With the coming of April and the annual deadline for filing our income taxes, we are reminded of the Benjamin Franklin quote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In Wisconsin, paying income taxes as been a certain thing for one hundred years, with the first income taxes being filed in 1912. Wisconsin was the first state to pass successful income tax legislation, becoming the model for the rest of the nation.

Besides knowing that paying taxes is a sure thing and the deadline this year is April 17, what else do you know about Wisconsin taxes? To offer a helpful start at learning more about Wisconsin taxes, income and otherwise, Wisconsin InfoLink has compiled a number of useful tax links that can shed some light on this certain fact of life.

April 2012: Wisconsin Taxes

* Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance Facts and Figures

* Wisconsin Administrative Code

* Wisconsin Tax Bulletins

* Wisconsin Topical and Court Case Index

* Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue

* Bankrate State Tax Roundup

* Tax FoundationTax tale, 50 state comparison

* Wisconsin department of revenue, common questions

* Facts on Wisconsin’s Tax climate, Tax Foundation

* Wisconsin budget project

* PolitiFactWisconsin

* WisTax Watch

* Wisconsin Historical Society

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