6 thoughts on “State pays scofflaws over hound deaths

  1. The reason that the DNR is responsible for paying for the damage caused by the wolves, is because they are the ones who released them on the state. If you or I released one of our dogs and they did damage to someone else’s property, you or I would be responsible for the compensation of those affected by our action. Furthermore, if one of our dogs or cats or livestock animals escaped and did damage, even unintentionally, we would be the party at fault. I travel every year to WI from TN to run my dogs during the bear pursuit season. I bring 6 people with me. We spend $707 on license fees, $2,000 on guide fees, $750 in groceries, $450 on restaurants, $1,750 in fuel (in WI alone), and $1,200 in supplies purchased once we arrive. That is $6,857 each year for the past eight years totaling $54,856. I hope and pray that my hounds never encounter a wolf while pursuing bear, but if they ever do I believe the state could afford to pay me $2,500 for my $5,000 dog that I spent over $50,000 in your state to train.

    • The DNR did not bring wolves to Wisconsin. They came back themselves. Uninformed like most hounders. IF your dog is worth $5,000, which I doubt, why would you put it in harm’s way? My German Shepherd cost $1,000 and there is no way in hell I would put my dog in harm’s way. But then, my dog is a part of my family. Why don’t you do your bloodlust training down in TN? We don’t want your blood money.

    • Stay in TN, you mouthbreathing ass. We don’t want your money, or your stupid dogs and cowardly “hunting” up here. I hope your lousy dogs all get chewed up by our wolves and that you never come back, you coward.

  2. So the state is subsidizing bear and wolf hunting. Can I get 2 grand from the state if a coyote kills my dog in the back yard. How a our compensation for a motorist killing my dog.

  3. The only way state fish and game departments *will ever* change their hook-and-bullet mentality is when a law firm with balls and deep pockets sues (name that state) charging the respective state with violating the Wildlife Public Trust Doctrine and, upon prevailing, having the respective judge ORDER the state to completely rewrite any and all laws, rules and regulations regarding the management of wildlife in order to conform to the Wildlife Public Trust Doctrine and having the respective judge ORDER the respective fish and game department to repopulate it’s commission to include a more representative sample of the population, i.e., non-consumptive wildlife advocates because we are the majority and far outnumber our opponents. Once one state conforms, you move to the next until all 50 conform.

    Your opponents – the hunters, outfitters, trappers, livestock producers, loggers, mining companies, and oil and gas companies are wealthy and have tremendous political muscle. You are in a culture war. They have no intention of losing, but they must lose under the Wildlife Public Trust Doctrine.

    If you don’t convince a law firm to adopt this strategy, you can email, call, and sign petitions for, oh, another one hundred years or more because those in control today don’t give a damn about your interests. ~ Mack P. Bray

  4. Hound hunting is horrific and cruel. Time to END these barbaric pathetic practices. LEAVE OUR WILDLIFE ALONE! Killing is NOT “conservation” and hunting is NOT a “sport” it’s a sickness, a disease, a disconnect from all that is good…