2 thoughts on “While Wisconsin abortions declined, more women used surgical method

  1. I just reviewed all of the WisconsinWatch.org articles on abortion and couldn’t find any mention of the economic impacts of recent Republican restrictions on abortions in Wisconsin.

    I’m assuming abortion costs have risen significantly for many of the girls and women affected, especially rural women (for the additional medical fees, transportation costs, lodging, missed work, child care expenses, etc.) … but I’d like to see the actual data and a discussion of the impacts.

    Some teenage girls and young women, as well as low-income or dependent older women, undoubtedly had great difficulty covering the cost of an abortion even BEFORE new restrictions were added by Republicans, so significant cost increases could create major hardships.

    Would medication abortions be significantly less costly than surgical abortions if Republicans hadn’t added an extra day of consultation costs, a waiting period, an unnecessary ultrasound, doctor restrictions, and a prohibition against teleconferencing services for rural women and girls?

    Who pays for these added costs?

    Also, if the current rate of unwanted pregnancies continues (or more likely, RISES due to Republican abolition of public school sex education and elimination of contraceptive services) … and Republican restrictions on abortion lead to an increase in live births and the number of new children requiring public welfare assistance … how will this impact the unwilling mothers and Wisconsin taxpayers in the long term?

    • If I haven’t mentioned it before, I appreciate all the information already provided. The entire series of articles on this topic has been valuable. Thank you!