2 thoughts on “GOP pressed on redistricting

    • Response to Roland: Did you read this article? The author clearly explained that BOTH Democrats and Republicans share the blame for allowing such a corrupt process to persist in Wisconsin.

      Though I can understand why you might be irritated by Democrats, how does that EXCUSE the horrifically unethical actions of Republicans in the most recent round of redistricting?

      Please forget your partisan loyalty for a while and act like a patriotic American who believes all American elections should be honest and above board no matter who is currently in charge.

      NONE of us should defend election rigging by ANY political party.

      Every member of the Republican Party in Wisconsin should be able to see how dangerous this kind of manipulation is to the long-term survival of a “Representative Republic” like ours.

      Political party manipulation of district voting boundaries in order to win more elections is unethical and intolerable in America. PERIOD.

      Holding closed partisan meetings to set such boundaries secretly is profoundly unacceptable in America. PERIOD.

      Spending $2 million taken from taxpayers to achieve such corruption would be considered OUTRAGEOUS anywhere. PERIOD.

      It doesn’t matter which Parties got away with such corruption in the past … it’s WRONG. This is not how our elections are supposed to work.

      American elections are supposed to be shining examples of honesty, equality and fairness … for the whole world to see and copy. It’s embarrassing that NOW the world can plainly see that most American elections (and law-making processes) are heavily corrupted by big money influence and a host of unethical dirty tricks like this. America has become a disgusting example of how NOT to run honest elections. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

      As a first step towards recovering at least minimal election honesty, we ALL need to stop this particular type of redistricting corruption from ever happening again by:

      1. demanding that redistricting authority be taken away from partisan politicians and given to a respected team of long-term non-partisan professional staff, such as those in the Legislative Reference Bureau,

      2. demanding that the legislature set clear, reasonable, STRICT rules to be followed by the staff while redrawing boundaries, to keep the process honest and consistent.

      3. demanding that this process be conducted only at open, accessible public meetings, after reasonable public notice. All correspondence and records used in the process should also be easily and quickly accessible by the public.

      4. requiring that a final decision be made only AFTER a draft plan is publicly circulated statewide and AFTER a written public comment period and public hearings have been held throughout the state. The public comment period should end only after giving the public at least 30 days to study and discuss the maps.

      In the meantime, we must demand IMMEDIATE action to dump the Republican’s corrupt district maps right away and put HONEST maps in place well before the next election (candidates need to know their campaign boundaries). We could temporarily revert to prior maps, and/or have a mixed team of judges fast-track fair and reasonable interim maps to use until the next formal redistricting process.

      Republicans should not be rewarded for their unethical and un-American behavior by letting them benefit AGAIN and AGAIN from their self-serving rigged maps in upcoming elections. It’s bad enough that they got away with this fraud in the last election on a huge scale. We can’t let it happen again.

      Many people in this state are currently “represented” and ruled by individuals who shoved democracy aside and used partisan trickery to steal political power away from rightful winning candidates who would better represent the wishes of the majority of Wisconsin voters.

      In other words, several of our state legislators and federal congress members are unethical frauds.

      Correction can’t wait another 6 or 7 years until the next redistricting is completed after the 2020 census.
      Not ONE more Wisconsin candidate should be allowed to “win” election dishonestly because of these corrupt maps.

      Every patriot should immediately recognize the urgency here and demand immediate corrections. We CAN’T allow Wisconsin’s elections to continue as blatantly rigged JOKES.