3 thoughts on “Too easy or too tough?

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  2. What’s going to happen to the kids who can’t meet up to the standards? I’m an adult and I still can’t multiply fractions. I have a college degree (cuma sum laude mind you yet!). I think the new standards are going to miss a lot of students and is going to ‘package’ kids into boxes and a lot are going to be left behind. We need to rethink how we are educating our kids to engage them effectively so they learn at their pace not by some standard requirement. And we have been for so many years educating kids to get into college and look at how many college graduates can’t get jobs or have such ridiculous high debt they will never get out of. We’ve forgotten that we still need skilled laborers in our world and that some are more suited for that than a college degree. Yet we look down upon those who don’t’ go to college. We need to seriously rethink our education system!

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