6 thoughts on “New school standards under attack

  1. The big piece missing from this article is that the attacks on CCSS are purely political, not for the benefit of kids or the educators trying to teach them.

    Go ahead: try and find one slam piece by a Tea Party group from earlier than November 2012. You can’t do it. You can find Google clogged with all of the 7000 conservative blogs all parroting the same articles and citing nothing other than each other, but nothing from, say, last summer.

    If Mitt Romney had won in November, no one would be attacking Common Core. They’d be praising it as a Republican-led reform of education, which at its heart is what it is.

    Instead, it’s a slam piece designed to somehow hurt Obama. Since we couldn’t repeal Obamacare, we’re going to repeal ObamaCORE.

    I deal with a group led by a women who parrots the propaganda. No, Obama is not making every school have an MRI machine to scan your child’s brain and send the results to the NSA. No, we are not dividing the students up by race or income to teach them in the classroom. No, we are not socially engineering your students or indoctrinating them in a European-style Socialistic mindset.

    But, it doesn’t matter. Truth is irrelevant. And the truth is that attacking the standards will weaken how schools perform on a new standardized test, which Common Core is aligned with.

    How do you propose we teach so students do well on this computer-based test? Do you have another solution, another set of standards for us to use? Are you going to put the testing on hold and eliminate the school report cards or teacher evaluations tied into that new test and the results?

    No? Oh, wow…this is going to make the public schools look pretty bad, isn’t it. I mean, not being able to actually teach the content that is actually on the test….but not changing the test, just the standards, the curriculum….

    Hey…I think I see what’s happening here. Do you?

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