One thought on “Campaign cash is his niche

  1. I’m stunned to learn that just ONE man has been doing all this work for 18 years!

    I’ve been a regular reader and user of WDC’s wonderful database since it was first created in 1995, and have always appreciated all its details and searchability (… though the data is often upsetting…)

    Every state should be so lucky.

    Whatever Mr. Julseth is being paid, it should be tripled. He also deserves a million dollar year-end bonus and a gazillion “stock options,” for his amazing work product and personal sacrifices.

    Even so, it’s a crying shame that ONE person at a little non-profit group has to do so much work to provide a basic, essential public election service that should be automatically provided, INSTANTLY, by every level of government, at government expense.

    When GAB director and general counsel Kevin Kennedy said the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is “doing exactly what the Legislature intended,” I immediately thought, “So why isn’t the Legislature PAYING the WDC for all this highly skilled and painstaking work?”

    Why should voters have to wait weeks or months for ONE private individual at WDC to finally get caught up enough to post the latest available campaign finance information?! Why should ONE person face all that constant PRESSURE, year after year, for a non-profit (ie: likely inadequate) paycheck.

    It’s tragic that Mr. Julseth’s personal life and private holidays have had to be sacrificed just so the rest of us can know who is buying our legislators.

    And why should ANY private individual get stuck having to look up the name, address, occupation or any other information that is supposed to be provided BY LAW on every candidate’s submittal of donor contributions? It’s outrageous that Mr. Julseth is being forced to do all this extra work, beyond the impossible job he already has, when Mr. Kennedy at the GAB should be ENFORCING THE LAW and fixing this problem at its source. (I’m sure Mr. Kennedy is being paid very nicely.)

    Candidates should face immediate, stiff, escalating penalties for incomplete donor information, and should be forced to do whatever it takes to fix omissions ASAP, to ensure that all their information is on time and complete BEFORE it reaches Mr. Julseth. It’s the very least the GAB and Legislators could do.

    If Mr. Kennedy doesn’t have the authority to effectively enforce the law he oversees, he should scream bloody murder every day until Legislators are shamed into giving him the authority … or until Legislators publicly fire him and have to explain WHY.

    It’s appalling that the GAB can’t do even this little bit right.

    Thank heavens for non-profits. I can’t imagine where our society would be without the dedication of private patriots.

    Thank you, Mr. Julseth!

    (And thank you, Mr. Lueders and WisWatch, for this revealing article…)