3 thoughts on “State passes up federal disabilities aid for jobless, despite backlogs

  1. Having two,different jobs in different area was fired in both different reasons. One thing I can tell you though. It not going to get any strer. As I work for kohls store for 11 urs from part time to full time than now part time with very little hrs its going to get worse. I have noticed that there are some area prefer certain people. Such as where I work VIP over long time employees. Men over women.

  2. I am classified as having a disability, and through medications my disability was being managed. Even though I was released to return to work by my specialist my employer terminated me and violated every law, both state and federal in allowing me to return to work. I hired a lawyer and won a probability of wrong doing from the Department of Workforce, however I was forced to drop my case due to personal financial issues. My civil right were violated even through my union. Both the business agent and the union representative, quickly terminated there position with my union, and the union representative now works for the Human Resource agent of my employer. I reported the union and requested my files and evidence was missing from my file and the union oversight office also claims they never received a complaint from me. When I was going through the process of evaluating my ability to return to work the Rehabilitation Specialist informed me that any company will consider a person with a disability a liability, and the only reason a employer will accommodated someone hurt on the job is to keep their insurance premiums low. To further add insult to people who become disabled, disability insurance companies have a history of ending various claims because disability policies are often part of a employee benefit package and fall under ERISA rules, enabling them to mitigate all state and federal laws pertaining to disability determinations. All of these practices have been going on in this country for years. Those who face life events often go through any financial security, and companies bank on this along with the fines not being harsh enough for violations. I am will to give full disclosure of all the events that I have mentioned. I did receive a small settlement for dropping my case, however I am poverty and have nothing else to take. In my speaking up I can only hope these horrible circumstances I experienced can help someone else in giving a voice to others.

  3. How can Republicans claim to be “Pro-Jobs” with straight faces? Any thinking person who pays attention can see the dishonesty of that claim.

    Thank you for this excellent article!