7 thoughts on “Out-of-state donors buoy Walker

  1. Thank you for this revealing article.

    Donations from outside a candidate’s district should be illegal.

    It clearly interferes with (even blocks) the relationship between candidates (or elected winners) and the people in their districts.

    Who does Walker REALLY represent and serve if 60% or more of his campaign comes from people he was NOT elected to represent?

    Though I’m a Wisconsin resident, I can’t afford to give $10,000 (or even $100) to my preferred candidate for Governor. I’m nearly powerless to influence the election (beyond placing my 1 vote.)

    Why should a rich banker in Arkansas, who neither lives nor does business in Wisconsin, be better represented and SERVED by Walker than literally millions of voters who live and work exclusively in Wisconsin and can’t afford to donate to Walker’s campaign?

    Added interference from huge amounts of independent electioneering, also funded largely from outside candidate’s districts, just compounds the outrage.

    American elections have become corrupt tragedies. We’ve all suffered a “money coup” and should be fighting back, but the coup leaders have too much power now.

    • He is receiving these donations from the koch bros., namely americans for prosperity, which isna facade group for the koch bros. views and how to manipulate to make them more money than they already have. Welcome to the new america paid for by special interests and inreasing the income gap every second with new dergulation of improtant fundamental laws and rights to americans. Our founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves. This is not the america they fought for. They fought to get away from an elitist society and niw the tides have turned in the past two decades.

  2. The recent arrests of singers is a calculated tactic to burnish his national profile–what else has he got to entice big donors with? Note that there were plenty of GOP cameras at the resulting (and expected, no doubt) enlarged and enraged groups in response to the singers arrests.

    Let’s hope he runs in the 2016 primary– he’ll be creamed.

  3. Has there been a story done by this organization as to how much out of state money was poured into the anti-Walker campaigns we’ve seen the past 2 years? Or how many out of state union operatives were here providing in kind campaign donations with their time?
    Or maybe how much out of state money Jim doyle received in his campaigns? Or how many of those Obama donors were really the “small donors” that he liked to brag about versus all those rich liberals and special interests who gave big bucks to him?

    It seems this organization has been engaged in an odd anti-Walker agenda. Perhaps it’s time that the taxpayer stop providing free office space on our university campus for this one organization. Or….maybe it’s time to invite media organizations of all stripes onto campus for their freebies as well.

    • You ask whether “this organization” has written on how much out-of-state money went to oppose Walker — that is, support his opponent. The answer is yes. That was covered in this column (https://wisconsinwatchmediapartners.wpcomstaging.com/2012/05/16/barrett-vs-walker-the-matchup-so-far/) from December 2011 and this article (https://wisconsinwatchmediapartners.wpcomstaging.com/2012/06/06/walkers-success-was-statewide-and-deep/) from June 2012.

      Here’s an excerpt: “Walker enjoyed a huge funding advantage, having raised more than $32 million through June 4, compared to Barrett’s $4.6 million. More than half of Walker’s money came from out of state, compared to about a quarter for Barrett, attesting to the race’s high level of national interest.”

      As for how much out-of-state money Doyle received, that was something the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism looked into for a recent collaboration with Ch. 3 TV. The relevant section:

      “Walker’s fundraising for the recall election shattered previous records, and involved a much higher share of out-of-state support than for previous Wisconsin governors. Former Gov. Jim Doyle, during his last two years in office, raised $1.6 million, of which 80 percent was from Wisconsin donors.”

      The Center, which focuses on Wisconsin, has not examined campaign donations to President Obama. Anyone wishing to do so will find relevant data on the Federal Election Commission website: http://www.fec.gov/disclosure.shtml

  4. It seems liberals like to whine when they are outraised by Republicans, but have no problem with large amounts of money raised (from all sources) by their own Democrat candidates. I don’t think there was a whole lot of complaining about the out of control fundraising by Barack Obama, and that some of that money came from outside the USA and from untraceable sources.

    • So we agree that outside money is bad for elections and should be outlawed?

      Then let’s all work TOGETHER to force ALL of our politicians to get it done!

      Party affiliation isn’t the issue. MONEY INFLUENCE is the issue.

      Walker is the “poster boy” here because his particular campaign was especially awful in this regard and broke all prior records by a wide margin.

      But the bigger picture shows that BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties should be ashamed of their inability to fix this problem. They’ve both had many opportunities over the past 20 years, but they BOTH have failed because their majorities were too addicted to the money they wanted for their own campaigns. Neither party is showing patriotic leadership.

      Let’s stop the partisan bickering here on this issue and turn our combined focus on ALL the elected officials who should be working overtime to stop this outrage.