One thought on “Feingold cause plays big in state

  1. I hope Feingold changes his stance on the constitutional amendment soon.

    The Congress has been purchased. The courts have been purchased. Short of a constitutional amendment, the reform of corruption in politics will be about as effective as the McCain-Feingold bill was.

    The corrupting influence these entities now have, whether from the centralized money of unions or corporations, is not just from the Citizen’s United decision: this power is at least 126 years in the making.

    Starting with the 14th Amendment, the power of money has twisted this idea of constitutional rights for corporations and has been a part of a multitude of decisions made in error. Not so much in error, but as the result of rewards given to judges and the result of conflicts of interests. Rewards were given to those who were able to afford to hand them out at the moment or in future favors through powerful connections instead of true merits of the cases.

    This process of purchase was accelerated greatly with the efforts of the US Chamber of Commerce and future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell beginning to organize effectively the efforts of big business to dominate America in the early 1970’s. [About the time wages stopped rising for Average Americans.]


    Abolish Corporate Personhood