7 thoughts on “Young journalists get harsh lesson

  1. Hi, Bill, Just a note to express support for the Center and the freedom of University employees to further its work. I am going from here to the “Donate” page.
    As always, you rock!
    (holder of a Wisconsin journalism degree and, as a former Isthmoid, picky proofreader)

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  4. I don’t believe any news organization should have any financial relationship with any government agency. Any news organization that has that kind of relationship with the government cannot avoid a bias whether they are concious of it or not.

    You will feel much better now that you will be self reliable, or based from donors.

    The mainstream media can paint it however they like, I believe the legislature made the correct decision.
    I hope you do not pull my comment down because my opinion is the opposite of yours.

    I greatly respect you as a news agency and you have every right to do what you do, just not within a cozy government-news relationship.

    You now have greater freedom that you can publish whatever you want without making your former “tenants” angry.

    I will say that if this was a right-leaning group, my opinion WOULD NOT change.

    • But what about the freedom of educators to teach? Participating in this is a great way for students to learn the profession of journalism and that’s what the center does. That’s in fact what they were created to do.

      That they’ve uncovered some things which embarrass you shouldn’t be a factor at all. Your protestation of media bias is itself a bias. You want impartiality? Don’t pass petty, vindictive legislation.

  5. I think the valuable lesson they should learn is that fairness and accuracy are only fair an accurate if they support my view. Facts are mallable and subject to change and frankly there is no such thing as “truth”. Opinions are what matter, because when they are mine they ARE the truth. My reality is the only reality — facts, evidence, or science be damned (especially science). This view is held by most of those in any kind of power, (whether that’s monetary or political) and by those that have little or no curiousity or ability to empathize. Just look at the number of “moral” conservatives that undergo an epiphany when one of their children turns out to be gay.

  6. I think there’s an editing mistake in the last line. Instead of “Even journalism that aspires…” it should read “Especially journalism that aspires…”

    Struggle is the hallmark of investigative journalism. It never will be easy, nor should it be. We all know this.

    Best of luck. You do good work. Ben is right, though, you’re playing with fire when you’re getting government support to watch the government.