5 thoughts on “UW System blasted for WiscNet pick

  1. “The UW simply created an RFP that matched what WiscNet was already doing.”

    Of course it did. WiscNet was providing what the UW needed it to provide. Why would UW ask for something different in an RFP?

  2. “But it also found that WiscNet charged substantially less than commercial providers.”

    This line tells you everything you need to know about why this stupid law was passed. I would sorely love to know how much money was paid to republican legislators by WSTA in order to get this law written and passed. The party of fiscal responsibility? If you believe that you believe in fairy tales.

    Once again with republicans, all you need to do is follow the money.

  3. Need to do more diligence on this, Bill. Look at the history of WiscNet. The UW built it. Now here come the politicians who have been paid well by ATT to sell the entity in the name of capitalism. But ATT bid was too low and everyone is not shocked and stunned. This issue alone is proof that there should be term limits on all state legislators. The tax payers got hosed on this one.

    Will the Teabagger

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