3 thoughts on “Public TV in dust-up over Koch film

  1. Sure would be nice if public tv made some documentaries on some of those liberal fat cats.

  2. The fearful retreat of the inappropriately named Independent Television Service just reinforces the central message of the film “Citizen Koch.”

    The ITVS is obviously NOT independent and is doing a DISservice to the public by cheating us all of free and easy viewing of this vitally important film on our home TVs.

    It’s appalling that Republican extremists have slashed Public TV’s budgets to the point that just one private Republican donor can now dictate what we’re allowed to see on OUR public television channel.

    In response to Jan’s comment: If you think a worthwhile and factual documentary can be made about “liberal fat cats,” you’re perfectly free to go and make it. Public TV didn’t make or pay for the “Citizen Koch” documentary that we’re discussing here. It was made by independent individuals with their own time and money, and the facts and events included in the film are well-documented and verifiable. If you produce a film of equal quality, urgency and relevance from another viewpoint, I believe you should have an equal right to air it on Public TV.

  3. I don’t think it’s surprising that someone (e.g. Koch) who believes that he will be vilified in a documentary might choose not to provide funds or publicity to the makers of the documentary. I know as someone of modest income, I would not support a store that treats me poorly. The station should be free to show the film and Koch should be free to support whatever films/projects he wishes.

    Also, nothing is stopping the filmmakers from putting the entire documentary on YouTube where everyone could watch it anywhere and anytime.