4 thoughts on “20 years after fatal outbreak, Milwaukee leads on water testing

  1. Speak for your part of the country please!

    I live on the edge of old farm land, however nearby are communities that converted within past 20 years from farms to housing developments. People living there whisper about cancer clusters, specifically breast and prostrate cancers.
    Can’t help but wonder how long agricultural chemicals lurk in soils, pesticide residue in current foods and low level toxins infiltrated local water supplies.
    My guess is all three have occurred!

  2. Excellent article, Marion and Kate! I’d love to see an in-depth look at what happens to all these contaminants that are filtered out of the water in treatment. What happens after the carbon filters have done their work? Don’t they end up in the sewage sludge, or so-called “biosolids,” which the City of Milwaukee then gives away (or, in some years, sells) as “Milorganite” for use on farms and gardens, including soil used to grow fruits and vegetables? Many of these contaminants have the potential to be taken up by plants and bioaccumulated. Are they making their way back into human systems via food grown in soil “fertilized” with sewage sludge containing these concentrated contaminants?

  3. As a Milwaukee native who was among the 400,000 residents to come down with severe symptoms from cryptosporidium, I have a few responses to the author of this piece.
    In the spirit of unbiased comprehensive investigative journalism, you do your student interns a disservice with this piece. Monitoring emerging new pollutants is fine, though it’s primary purpose is to justify emerging new taxes. Before measuring for future water additives which may be harmful, your reporters should have asked MMW about the billions of gallons of raw human feces and waste water they dump right back into Milwaukee’s drinking supply. I’d rather have a tall cold glass of some innocuous new emerging trace chemical than the turds, thank you. It’s laughable your article doesn’t address this. The omission is merely one more exhibit of your undisclosed liberal bias and the newest evidence that you should be evicted from your taxpayer funded office. If you cannot be an unbiased news source, at least try to include all the facts of a situation. Don’t train mind numbed idiots. The MSM has more than enough already.

  4. the best solution just for the drinking and cooking water would be to take rainwater off ones roof and pump it through a filter. Rainwater would have a lot fewer chemicals in it to start with than lake water.////the present sewage system with pipes to every house will never work. The only alternative and the better system is to use holding tanks which was done in japan around 1900. One stores sewage on ones property in tanks one for #2, one for #1.# one for a mix of the remaining chemicals. Then every 3-4 months these tanks are physically moved to a few main pipes and dumped in their .manholes and/or composted on ones properties, and delivered to a pick point for the remaining chemicals.. I use holding tanks in a variation of this myself. it is way superior to the present system believe me.. I’m skipping the details.