3 thoughts on “Jailers get downgraded, fight back

  1. I’d like to ask Mr. Phillips where he comes up with his information which he presents to these county boards. In my county he stated we have part time reserve deputies that do inmate transports to and from court and between . He also stated that when a crime occurs in our jail that an ouside agency investigates it. Both are total and complete lies!! We don’t even have part time deputies, NONE! When a situation escalates to the point of criminal charges or an ordinance citation the on duty jailor is the one who investigates the situation and recommends the charges or citation to the DA, same as the patrol officers. If its warranted the situation would be forwarded to our investigative division, just like a patrol officer would do. I’ll hold my personal feelings for Mr. Phillips to myself.

    • I am happy to see people are not ALL buying into the horse and pony show put on by groups who have bought the State of Wisconsin. I pray that we can get some independants in office who can solve problems rather than spin them for there parties’ interest.

  2. Can the people of Wisconsin really count when it comes to the court system? My husband in in jail sentenced by a judge who recently was arrested by the FBI for drugs. The DA of the county which is Waushara and his family also have charges. So who do you trust and put your loved ones lives hands into?They can judge you while on drugs themselves but convict you of the same thing. We should be paid compansation. This is messed up.