4 thoughts on “Frac sand industry faces DNR violations, warnings

  1. 1/5 of the sites being cited for non-compliance, and 90% being warned for evironmental damages.

    In 30 years, when all these mines are closed and the jobs are gone, our once beautiful northwoods will be left as a barren wasteland. All for a few low-paying, temporary jobs.

    I don’t want to be the one to explain that to our children, will you?

    • I am completely in agreeance on your point. They are going to ruin the water supply along with the beautiful northwoods all for a profit and it does not matter who or what they ruin to achieve the almighty DOLLAR! Shame on you people.

    • if we’re “lucky” they’ll be gone in 30 yrs. some of the mines have a long running history that extends past 30 yrs. not counting on it:(

  2. All this damage for increasing the use of fossil fuels, when we should be harvesting the wind and sunlight.