Nationwide, abortion restrictions proliferate

On Sunday the Center’s Rory Linnane reported on how a recent law restricting drug-induced abortions has resulted in more women getting surgical abortions.

Now, some national context from Remapping Debate. The New York-based journalism outlet concluded that “states enacted more restrictions on abortion in 2011 and 2012 than in any other years since Roe (v. Wade) was decided four decades ago.” Mike Alberti’s data visualization puts Wisconsin among the states that have added the most restrictions recently.

Here’s the Remapping Debate visualization, which uses data from three abortion-rights groups. Remapping Debate also posted notes on sources and methodology.

One thought on “Nationwide, abortion restrictions proliferate

  1. Hard to believe that, in 2013, women’s health, lives and well-being still don’t matter in so many states. SHAME on Oklahoma, and on too many other states like it.

    But we must not forget that WE have the power to change things. By voting, above all. And by voting for politicians who respect women and their right to chose. When people will have enough of misogyny and sexism, they’ll stop electing MEN (why so many antichoice folks are men?) whose sole aim in politics seems to be redefining rape and ripping women away of their rights.