7 thoughts on “Gun law push will face pushback

  1. Not only should there be a push back, we should get more back. Silencers, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns. Does it make any sense not to?

  2. Mr. Leuders writes, “And then a gunman with an assault rifle murdered 26 people ….” An ASSAULT RIFLE? Really? An M-16 is an Assault Rifle, complete with a selector switch to enable the user to fire it either single shot or multiple shot. Being a military weapon, very, very few Assault Rifles are owned by civilians, and only if made before 1986.

    Perhaps our esteemed author is thinking of an ASSAULT WEAPON, a made-up name to describe self-loading riles bearing scary-looking features that make them look like military weapons. Of course, the scary-looking features do nothing to change how the firearm functions. Please, explain what an Assault Weapon is. Is it a baseball bat? They, apparently, and according to the FBI, are used far too often for assaulting people.

    I recommend you do some reading and see what the CDC has to say about the effect of our current (20,000?) gun laws. They apparently feel all the laws really don’t do anything at all except make people feel good.

    Bottom line? Lock up, and keep locked up, violent criminals, and change our mental health laws so that those individuals posing a danger to themselves and others can more readily be contained. The nutjob in Connecticut broke, according to one report, about 41 different laws when he committed his atrocity. Gun laws didn’t stop him. A locked door didn’t stop him.

    • You criticize the author for getting one small detail wrong, as if that destroys the credibility of everything else that follows in the piece, then proceed with what appear to be (probably supplied by the NRA)talking points, and highly questionable arguments about gun laws and violence; mental illness, guns and violence; and misrepresentations of the CDC and its conclusions, to name a few.

      • Actually, there is no detail I’m aware of that was wrong; if there were, we would correct it. That the weapon used was an assault rifle has been widely reported, including by CBS News, CNN, the New York Post, the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, and NBC News.

    • It’s also highly ironic that you cite the CDC as a reference for your arguments, when the NRA has succeeded (since the mid-90’s) in killing the CDC’s funding to do research on anything related to firearms.

  3. I will say this, he better back the hell off guns. We will no longer sit by and take laws and rules when WE THE LEGAL GUN OWNERS did nothing.

    I will not tolerate even the slightest hint of a law and neither will millions of gun owners both new and old.

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