One thought on “Ignored and underfunded, mental health care thin at county jails

  1. My nephew who is mildly mentally retarded with p.t.s.d. and a.d.h.d was sent to dane co. jail after a suicide threat at his mental health program while he was on the bail monitering system. He was in the seclusion for 1 1/2 months, no visits, no mail, they refused to let his lawyer in to talk to him. At his next court appearance is when I saw him next. He had lost about 100lbs, had 3 track marks on his left hand from the injection of medication, and was in a wheelchair in a catatonic state. He could not answer simple yes or no questions, only grunts and moans. Come to find out they had labeled him skytzophrinic and gave him anti-psychotic medication. The truth is, he had been slammed on the ground by the guards when arguing with them, he then hit his head very hard, causing a traumatic brain injury which caused delusions and psychosis and made him think people were attacking him when they came into his cell. I don’t know how to fight what has happened to my sweet boy, he is doing much better after a couple of months at MMHI, but I feel that justice needs to be served for the trauma that he has endured. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.