8 thoughts on “Lemon law lawyer lays an egg

  1. Bill: Nitpicking Vince Megna about whether the Koch brothers in fact bought the last four Supreme Court elections and what Brandon Scholz’s title with the Republican party is missing the forest for the trees.

    Just because the Democracy campaign doens’t know whether the Kochs were involved in the earlier Supreme Court elections doesn’t mean they weren’t. Did the tooth fairy spend all that money against Linda Clifford and Justice Butler?

    The point is that we have no idea where the money is coming from. Maybe the money is coming from China. Perhaps the money is coming from some other set of billionaires. Maybe it’s all just corporate money that’s being spent on all these attack ads which tell voters “She’s not a judge”; “He’s soft on crime” etc. Wherever the money is coming from, Megna’s point is no less valid. Yet you attack him — in a silly piece that is truly a waste of time.

    By running down Megna as you are, you are serving as a tool for the moneyed interests backing Roggensack and the other right wingers on the court. Maybe we should ask you Bill: Where’s your money coming from. Perhaps you should ask the Democracy campaign: Where does its money come from? We know the answer in the latter case — they won’t tell. I wonder why?

    • Information about the Democracy Campaign’s funding is included in our annual reports, which are posted each year on our website and archived at http://www.wisdc.org/annual_reports.html. We are not required by law to disclose any of this information, but do so voluntarily. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our tax returns are public records and are posted on the IRS website as well as other sites such as Guidestar.org and the Foundation Center’s website.

      • Andy Hall’s response is appreciated. It is clear where that funding comes from. Why won’t the Democracy Campaign reveal all of its sources of funding. “Because we don’t have to” is not an adequate response for a group which demands to know where everyone else’s money comes from.

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