3 thoughts on “Gaps remain in jails’ suicide prevention

  1. The jails also do not help those in jail that are suffering with illness. They also refuse to give meds that are necessary for a persons mental or physical health and prescribed by a physician. I know of at least one instance where someone was sick for a few days, throwing up and fever, and said they would get a Dr but never did, instead the person was put into solitary confinement to suffer. There were at least two deaths that I know of in Marinette county jail, where the prisoners contracted menengitis and didn’t get treatment, they both died and when someone comes in addicted to drugs, heroin, meth, the jailers tell them when they get sick that they hope they die. Nice cops, jails, justice system we have in this country. This is Marinette county but I imagine there are more out there like it.

  2. People that are sick belong in hospitals until they are well, not in prison or jail. The problem with this state and many others is that we have become prison states. More concerned with the amount of money put into these facilities and the money needed to pay the numerous employees instead of doing whats right.

  3. La Crosse is a leader?
    In what>?
    Murdering it’s inmates.
    La Crosse is a leader in torture and murder and nothing else. Their jail is run by a bunch of alcoholic baboons who have no respect for life.
    They torture and kill inmates regularly. I know. I was there.