One thought on “Camp Randall scoreboard bid process called ‘unethical’

  1. I have been involved with the construction bidding industry for some time. I have been involved with a very similar situation in the past. Our company bid a substantially large government project and our bid was the lowest, by far. Initially the govt. selected the much higher bidder based on company history, quality of product, etc. We filed a proper appeal and the govt. was forced to review our bid in much more detail. After a few months we were awarded the contract. It took a lot of time and effort to prove to the govt. that the service and product we will be providing is the same, if not better. We all know that state and federal projects have a lot of restrictions and policies associated with them. If this project has those I believe Yesco could file an official appeal. They shouldn’t be voicing their opinions with a third party consultant team or JP Cullen. It is the duty of the state to make sure that their tax and revenue dollars are spent fair and just.