5 thoughts on “Wisconsin vote split was closer than results

  1. The WI Democracy Campaign is non-partisan???
    You must be joking.
    Where do a lot of their donations come from? Does any George Soros funded group have it’s hands involved?

    • As the article said, the COURTS did the redistricting in 1990 and 2000. This website and organization were created only a few years ago, so they’ve had no oppportunity to write about redistricting before.

      Redistricting happens only once per decade, so it’s been at least 30 years since Democrats might have controlled redistricting in Wisconsin and it could easily be decades longer ago. (Does anyone know who decided in 1980, 1970, 1960, or 1950?)

      I think the main issue raised by this article is the danger of allowing ANY political party to have sole control over redistricting. It doesn’t matter which party it is.

      Redistricting should be a public process and should follow clear, logical standards. Proposed districts should be published and the public should have at least 30 days to send written comments or speak publicly at Town Hall style public hearings held all around the state. At the end of this process, a balanced panel of judges should have the final say, not politicians.

    • Jan – I’ve followed the work of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for years, and have never seen them act as partisans. I remember many articles they’ve written that were deeply critical of both major parties, and many articles exposing prominent individual politicians of both parties.

      Go to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s website (www.wisdc.org) and give everyone here a link to an article where you believe they’re being partisan, so we can discuss specifics.

      I think you’ll have a hard time finding even one example.

    • There isn’t an article on Democrats re-districting because in previous years the two parties were deadlocked. Therefore, the courts redrew the lines.