2 thoughts on “Your Right to Know: Lawmakers exploit loophole to hide ALEC ties

  1. I think Wisconsin has been used as a Republican testing ground for how much they can get away with.

  2. Thank you for all the research you’ve poured into this article. It sounds like the effort was frustrating.

    How do Republicans sleep at night?

    Aren’t they always claiming to be superior “Patriots and Freedom Fighters,” waving their flags and pretending to be better Americans than the rest of us?

    Why can’t they see the contradiction between their secretive manipulations and heavy-handed power grabs, and the ideal American Democracy we all learned about as children?

    A true Patriot is willing to DIE in defense of the basic standards that allow the long-term survival of a (mostly) honest American government that listens to, represents, and serves all Americans equally and fairly. Many American soldiers die every year doing exactly that, and they deserve our heartfelt thanks and lifelong honor for their sacrifice.

    “OPEN RECORDS” is one of those basic standards. A true Patriot understands that secrecy in government is a threat to all our freedoms and basic rights as Americans.

    If Republicans want to be our elected American representatives, then we have a basic and undeniable right to know what they’re doing and saying on our behalf. We have a right to know where they get their information, how they spend their official time, and who is influencing them.

    In America, our elected officials (… and the agency officials they regulate and supervise…) are all supposed to be OUR employees and OUR representatives. We pay them to work for US, not for a frightening, shadowy group called ALEC.

    If Republicans have decided they do NOT support basic American government ideals like OPEN RECORDS … and if they deliberately bypass normal legislative communications to hide their activities from the public they pledged to serve … then Republicans aren’t Patriots.

    They’re acting more like Traitors, planning an ALEC coup and takeover of our government without honest or open public discussion or debate, and without the knowledge or support of the American people.

    Again, how do Republicans sleep at night?

    Who do they REALLY work for?

    Do they at least have the decency to return the paychecks they’ve collected from us? I want my money back.