21 thoughts on “Green schemes make activists see red

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  2. For more info: http://www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org/

    Behind the Green Mask, by Rosa Koire, is the book Ms. Janisch is holding. Koire describes herself as a liberal democrat, pro-gay marriage, and director of the Post Sustainability Institute. She is also a professional certified General REal Estate Appraiser in CA who has retired to devote her time and talent to fighting Agenda 21 and its permutations. Her book is a real eye-opener to how the public is hoodwinked in meetings using the Delphi technique and how land grabs take place.

    There are also numerous videos on youtube. Agenda 21 for Public Officials is only 14 min. long.

    Wake up to this nemesis before our Republic is gone!

  3. The UN is using concern about the environment to implement agenda 21. It is a trojan horse. It is perfectly desirable to be diligent about maintaining clean water and clean air, but that is not what this is about. All of the non-governmental agencies have been enlisted to take land away from the people in schemes like land conservation easements and historical preservation. Think about it! Every single city and rural area in the United States has historical significance to somebody. Should the government take all land use away from Americans and preserve everything? For what? And for whom?
    People in local government and the media need only do a little research to find the facts of the matter.
    The areas already “rewilded” in the West are fire hazards. The people are better stewards of the land than any government or non-governmental entity. This is a shameless attack on property rights in this country and must be stopped in each locality.

  4. If you are reading this you have access to the internet. Thus you have access to information on Agenda 21. Google it and teach yourself. Then make your own informed decisions regarding it. That is what I did and I am amazed and totally discouraged with the direction I see America headed. If you own land or are working hard to own it, please read very carefully. Start with your own city’s comprehensive plans and the county’s and the state’s plans. Those who live along waterfrontage be aware of the Rock Co. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance 2012, WI Administrative Code Chapter Natural Recources 115. Don’t think the UN hasn’t any power. It’s power is in deception. Just keep digging and leaarn.

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  6. I chatted with Paul Lembrich (feaured in the article) at the AB-303 hearings at the state senate. During my testimony, I tried to make it clear that people who support smart growth like me consider having daily needs within a short distance “property rights”, since if those daily needs move outside of my bike/walk radium, that impacts my lifestyle no less than forcing others to walk.

  7. As someone from Wisconsin who now lives in Maryland (the first state to legislate smart growth) this is all simply fear-based blather. There is no conspiracy. There is no UN agenda. All these claims amount to a heap of blather by people who want to sell books and mass-hysteria books. Someone said “just read it yourself people and get educated.” You should do that by reading it directly from the UN. This is no more severe an agreement than we have in Kyoto or trade agreements. Why is it anytime there is any talk of environmental stewardship, it’s portrayed as some sort of underhanded attempt to control the world? It’s totally ridiculous, and speaks more of peoples’ ignorance than it does of reality.

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  9. Please just read the actual document. It’s called the Rio Declaration. It’s comprised of 27 guiding sustainability principles – like eradicating poverty. I realize Agenda 21 sounds much more “sinister” but the “21” simply stands for the 21st century. We won’t ever force you conspiracy driven tea party folks to shop organic or ride bikes, and the U.N. isn’t going to confiscate your 4 car garage any time soon. If you don’t agree with the 27 principles contained in the actual document, I’m curious to know which ones you disagree with and why. From the ACTUAL document, not the made-up property right/socialist society blather.

    • Stacey: you aren’t going to force anybody to do anything – you are going to build consensus – in other words, guilt people into spending to protect the environment. In Illinois entire towns have been rebuilt – at the citizens expense because “the old was wasn’t sustainable”, what ever that means. Look at Uptown Normal, Il. Now they want bike paths on major roads – only millions of $’s the state thinks the sewer system isn’t sustainable because sewer and rain water mix together! They want to whole system rebuilt.

      Agenda 21 is dead – they just don’t know it yet.

    • I’ve read the documents, Stacey. What you don’t understand is that what they mean by sustainability and what you think they mean, are two completely different things. You also fail to read the document and it’s 27 principles, and then do a fact check to see if implementation is working out the way you believe it is. Did you know that because of manipulation of the financial markets to reduce the perceived over-consumption of the middle class is what caused the housing market to crash? Are you aware that this is also what is causing the loss of jobs, economic instability……and that 30,000 children die of starvation each day because of market manipulations, not because there is a shortage of food? We are marching toward global hegemony, just as surely as Adolf Hitler. If you think for a minute that our involvement in the Middle East is about anything other than oil you need to think again and read some more. If you do not understand how Wall Street, the IMF and World Bank are stealing resources from impoverished countries for corporate profit and gain – not sustainability, you need to take off the rose colored glasses and open your eyes. Perhaps you’re not old enough to know that the mechanisms for top down, lock-step control were developed decades ago and are being implemented now. But regardless of your age, you need to understand that government is not the friend of the people. If you don’t understand how property rights, water rights, civil rights etc are undermined by Agenda 21 then I do not believe you have read and understood the document. Your worth will be determined by “them” and you will be issued carbon currency according to that value. Careful how you spend it – you won’t get more.

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  13. The Tea Party around the country is actively working to educate people about the dangers of following Agenda 21. There are several layered efforts at work to make this nonsense about “Utopia” happen. You can check to see if your city or county are participants in ICLEI. ICLEI is the local mechanism used to bring Agenda 21 to your home town. Then there is Destination 2025. Destination 2025 is Regional and National, feeding in to Agenda 21. Bill Clinton signed us up for this with his pal, Al. This is nothing new. Most Americans have never read Mein Kempf by Adolf Hitler so think his agenda was simply about killing Jews and Catholics. It wasn’t – it was much larger than that. Hitler wanted to create a sustainable utopia – a one world government. He was big follower of Darwin and Marx. When you read through the Agenda 21 documents, Destination 2025 documents, or the ICLEI documents, you see that their goals coming to fruition. The American middle class, for instance, was viewed as being the cause of over-consumption. In order to curb consumption the global elite tied to Wall Street stole the middle class savings. This is why the economy won’t grow – they killed the economic engine. Hitler used something dubbed “The Big Lie” to get people to cooperate with his agenda for world domination. He chose the wrong Lie and got his butt kicked as a result. Global Climate Change and “sustainability” are the new “Big Lie” and because we’re not outright slaughtering people, this lie is widely embraced. There is no sustainability agenda. The environmental destruction brought about by wind turbines alone proves this point. They are not environmentally friendly, do nothing to reduce our dependence upon foreign oil, and do not reduce global warming. They do siphon billions of dollars off and into the Global Green Fund. Eisenhower warned us about the rise of the military-industrial-corporate complex. We didn’t listen. Agenda 21 is not a Tea Party initiative but is something brought to us by individuals whose rule will be much more tyrannical than anything ever previously seen – but they believe they have the moral right and moral authority to force us to bend to lock step, top down control.

  14. I understand public fears about Big Government and totalitarianism, because I agree with those fears.

    I only disagree about the details.

    In this case, I agree there’s potential for petty tyranny by local, state and federal land-use agencies, because humans are fallible and agencies require on-going public scrutiny to keep them honest and beneficial. It’s our job as citizens to pay attention, to support aggressive and honest news investigators, and to speak up when something goes wrong with our government. It’s our life-long job to study and supervise our government. It can never be trusted to run itself.

    But I don’t fear land-use planning in general, and it seems odd that Tea Partiers have chosen it as a rallying point.

    Counter-productive land-use regulations, or unfair application of those regulations, should only be possible if the majority of citizens have no say in their government. If bad regulations or bad agencies can’t be fixed, despite public opposition, that’s only a SYMPTOM of a larger problem (… a “dictatorship” or power-grab that has grown beyond all public control).

    Tea Partiers are attacking a symptom instead of the CAUSE of their concern. They’re wasting everyone’s time and money going after the wrong things (arguing about individual issues like land-use planning, health care, birth control, gay marriage, etc. etc. etc. ).

    This guarantees their failure.

    In fact, Tea Partiers are making our overall situation WORSE, because they’re diverting and wasting public attention, allowing the root cause of their concerns to quietly grow larger and more powerful.

    The real threat is the “dictatorship.” Tea Partiers should set aside all distracting issue details for now, and get to the true heart of their concerns. They need to answer key questions: Who are the “dictators” controlling our government? (No quick answers, please. We need careful analysis and proof.) How did they gain their power? How do they maintain their power? How coordinated are they? How can we take their power away? How can we restore American democracy, citizen rights, equal opportunities, and community self-control?

    If Tea Partiers focus all their tremendous energy and time on those key questions, they might accomplish something worthwhile and lasting.

    Agenda 21 isn’t the problem. It’s a distraction and diversion.

    • Land use planning is a direct assualt on our property rights. If I chose to cut every single tree I OWN down thats my business. If I want to build out buildings or plant want ever i want I should be able to. Not to mention here in my county there a re rules that state a person must own 35 acres in order to build on it. Which greatly restricts people who want to move out of town and builing their own places. as it adds as much to the cost of attaining property to build on. there as few chunks land that big to purchase which further jacks up the price of land. And ay the same time restricting my ability as a land owner to sell say 5 acres to a friend or relative that is looking to build. I would say land use planning is a huge infringement on our rights.

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  17. This is going on all over the country, the cutesy names are different but the plans are all the same.

    Alabama = CLEAR Plan 2030
    California = Plan Bay Area
    Florida = Seven50
    New Hampshire = Granite State Future

    The people of this country are not going to let the UN use their climate hoax to control us, our property and take away our rights under the UN Constitution!