3 thoughts on “Walker’s success was statewide and deep

  1. Dear Citizens of Wis:

    You now have what you voted for, again. Good luck with that, and regardless of how he got there, again, Kock Money, robo calls, or the natural way, you’re not allowed to bitc# about it. The buzz is you resneted the recall because it should just be for bad behavior in office, or what ever. To that I say, utter nonsense. Look at Davis in California, w/the fiscal issues. To those of this persuasion who voted for Scott, or stayed home, I send a resounding BOO-HISS-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Living in Florida, with the biggest Medicare fraud(never charged with a GD thing)for gov, I can only say you’re time is gonna come, and it’s going to be the frog in the slow heating water deal. To the rest of you who fought the good fight, you have my respect as well as my sympathy.

  2. Lets be honest here: we know which counties are NOT blue leaning, but EASY to cross over from another state to vote in Wisconsin